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 Private server RF ACHILLES

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PostSubject: Private server RF ACHILLES   Fri Mar 16, 2012 11:46 pm

RF Achilles

War is Never Stop
GM OL 24 jam 1 hari, 7 hari seminggu

ISP Koneksi : Cyber
Info Spec Server : Core i5 -2400 CPU @3.10 Ghz 3.30 Ghz
RAM : 8.00 GB
Hardisk 1 Terra Byte
Mainboard : Giga Byte Extreme

Exp Rate x500
Exp Animus x1000
Drop Rate 100x
Upgrading Manual
No Box Upgrading
Quest open exp ON
Lelang Off
Mail Off

Potion Shop @NPC
Armor, Weapon, Shield Intense 60-65 @NPC
Capsul Change job @NPC
Port PB @NPC
Relic 45 @NPC

Drop List :
Elemental HP/FP @Flem
Excelsior C @Guardian Sette
Excelsior A & B @Turncoat Sette
Tier 4 @Wing Box Elf
Armor Slot 5 @Kukra + Naroom
Golden Pig @Metal Elf

NEW UPDATE ... !!! _____
Booster @Greatkur
Talic @Abb
Cafe Only warrior @Giant Scud
New Potion Shop @Draco
T3 @Giant Baba
Special Y,B, & W Excelsior ABC @Chuty
Piece of leon @Ring Leader Guard
Calliana archer - Others Excelsior
Black Demolis - Christmas Deffense Power Increase
Cucra Vaffer Adjutant - Lucky Jade
Giant Marsh Scud - Cafe Armor Ranger
Marsh Scud - Cafe Armor Force/Launcher
Jevel Cube - Wind Intense weapon
Strayer - Relic 55
Naroom Crawler Adjutant - IGNO BOX

Staff :
- Atta
- Frans
- Chipsto

Specially : Tante Cherrie Cantique

ayo kita ramaikan game ini...
gak akan nyesel deh.. Bendera Indo Bendera Indo Bendera Indo Bendera Indo
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Private server RF ACHILLES
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