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 RF-OXZORUS ( Your Snout Is Your Skill )

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PostSubject: RF-OXZORUS ( Your Snout Is Your Skill )   Sat Sep 14, 2013 4:56 pm


Max lvl 75
Exp x10000
Drop x30
Animus x100000
Skill GM
Force GM
Job 3rd
New Map Forrest
Guild Honor Aktif
Mail Aktif
Lelang/Auction Aktif
Game CP
Vote Game Point
Item Shop
New Sistem Top Killer Everyday Get Reward CPT Point and OXZ Coupon
New Item, Weapon, Armor, Shield (bukan ngedit yg udah ada, new resource)

Join With Us, Show your Skill to other player,

Web :
GameCP :
Grup PVP Server:
Like Fanpage:
Job 3 RD Ready :
[HQ] Young Flem : Gli, Beam
[HQ] Flem : All Exelcior C
[HQ] Wing : Ele Medium, Legacy Blade
[HQ] All PB: All rune, part Snow Spray
[Ether] ABB : Ele Perfect
[Bio] Izen : Part Leon High
[Bio] Thor : pot anti stigma/scare Lv 2, GP +5K,
[VC] Great Curr : Booster 40
[Elan] PB 3D : TJ 6 jam , Ele 3D, Ancient Weapon, GP 5K, Lone Wolf, Fox's Mark ,
[Elan] All PB Elan : TJ 2 jam, Pot Anti Stigma Lv 1, Ele HDH, Warehouse Expansion Capsule
[Buas/OC] Jewel Cube : Ele Dragon, pil reset job
[VC] Giant Baba : Leon Medium
[Elan] Draco : Jade Level
[OC] Kukra Captain : Weapon Intense 70 rare B
[OC] Kukra Vafer Ajudant : Armor Intense 70 rare B
[OC] Kukra Vafer Warior : Shield Intense 70 rare B
[VC/OC] Stingbug, Stocker : MB
[Sette] Eldi Croche: GP +1 - +29, GP +1k, GP +3K, GP +4k,
[Sette] Guardian portal : Tier 6
[OC] Naroom Captain : boooster 50
[Forrest] Elvin War Cannival : Shield 75 Intense
[Forrest] Vafer Shaman : Armor 75 Intense
[Forrest] Mini HSK : Armor Ancient 75, Shield Ancient 75
[Forrest] Snatcher Diviner : Weapon Intense 75
[Forrest] Elvin Riding Lunker : Particle 227, Caliana Necklace
[CM] CHIP : GP +10K
[CM] HSK : Ele Dragon, Pot Anti Stigma/Scare Lv 3, GP +15K

NPC List :

Full Cashop
Lucky Gem Set
All Talic
Armor Intense 35-65 Rare B, +7
Weapon 35-65 Rare B, +7
Shield 35-65 Rare B +7
Armor Council Lv 70
Ammo Granade Launcher 3K
Anti Stigma
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RF-OXZORUS ( Your Snout Is Your Skill )
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